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Faster Listing Times | Flexibility | Cost Effective

Virtual Staging / Decluttering

Get rid of that storage unit with all your staging furniture and start saving. Affordable virtual staging is the easiest way to show potential buyers what rooms or yards can look like. Have a room that is just full of stuff? No problem we can remove those items and even stage it. Available on any order.

Virtual Staging Before & After

Virtual Decluttering Before & After

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging with Listing Marketing Pros is when we take digital photos of your home empty or slightly furnished and then our editing team will add the furniture/elements to make your home look amazing! Since only 10% of people can visualize an empty house, virtual staging allows the other 90% of people to visualize the home easier which helps sell it even faster. Virtual staging does not have the same type of physical work like physically staging a home does, so in the end it saves you both time and money.

Room Decor Your Way

What is Virtual Decluttering?

Maybe your clients idea of “organize and clean for photos” isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Whatever it is, with virtual decluttering from Listing Marketing Pros we can remove unwanted wall hangings, items on tables and counters, ugly light fixtures, plants, small pieces of furniture etc. You don’t want to leave images out of your listing. Now you don’t have to! With Virtual Decluttering you can make sure that you have a complete listing with all the rooms.

More Attractive Listing Photos Means Better Offers From Buyers

Cost Effective

Having your house physically staged costs more with the time it takes to have it staged, potentially being 1-3% of the listing price. By having your home staged virtually it saves time and money. You pay less and get more options to appeal to all different types of potential buyers.

Faster Listing Times

When you have to stage a home it takes time, let alone the high costs involved to physically have someone stage it. Instead you can get your property on the market faster by having it staged virtually with Listing Marketing Pros.


Having your property staged virtually, allows your home to be shown in different ways. If you were to have it staged physically you are limited to certain things. Every buyer is different, and they prefer their home to have a certain look and feel to it. Virtual staging allows you to appeal to multiple home buyers by offering different looks and styles.

Benefits to You

Quicker Staging Completion

Our typical project is completed in 24 – 36 hours, though some photos take up to 48 hours.

Increased Calls & Showings

When buyers see a ‘home’ instead of an empty room, they pick up the phone to make it theirs.

Higher Sale
Prices, Profits, Commissions

More attractive listing photos means better offers from buyers.

Quicker Sales

Our professional realtor customers tell us our virtually staged homes sold quicker than they expected.

Average cost to stage a home is $2,000 to $2,400 a month compared to a one time investment of $300 to virtually stage 5 rooms.