Pro Listing
Marketing Package

Over 20 Industry Leading Features Included

Bring Your Listing to Life and Get a Competitive Advantage


Make sure your listing makes the best first impression online with the Pro Listing Marketing Package. This unique online marketing solution provided by Listing Marketing Pros works in tandem with a real estate agent’s marketing plan to deliver everything needed to market a listing the day after your listing is photographed.

Pro Listing Marketing Packages

Real Estate Photography Included

*Includes discounts on additional services



Home 0-2,999 sq.ft

Professional Photography(1)

Professional Photography

Teaser Videos(1)

Teaser Videos

Notification Links

Notification Links

Blue Sky Guarantee(1)

Blue Sky Guarantee

Branded Video(1)

Branded Video

Trackable Links(1)

Trackable Links

Professional Editing(1)

Professional Editing

Background Music(1)

Background Music

Owner Preview Gallery(1)

Owner Preview Gallery

Brand Single Property Site(1)

Brand Single Property Site

Non-Branded Video(1)

Non-Branded Video

Marketing Team Access(1)

Marketing Team Access



Lead Capture(1)

Lead Capture

Call Text For Info(1)

Call/ Text For Info

Open House Schedule(1)

Open House Schedule

Weekly Seller Stats(1)

Weekly Seller Stats

One Click Sharing(1)

One Click Sharing



Mobile Friendly(1)

Mobile Friendly



MLS Compatible(1)a

MLS Compatible

Social Media Titles(1)

Social Media Titles

Custom Domains(1)

Custom Domains

Compatible With

Multiple vendors are no longer needed to get your listing live. With over a decade of working with realtors and listening to what they want, we have put it all in one place. You’ll have everything you need at your finger tips!


Listing Presentation Flyer

Download and print out this FREE listing presentation flyer to include at your next listing presentation. Show potential sellers you use a Trusted Partner and set yourself apart from the competition!

Stand Out and Sell Faster

At any given time, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of listings competing for a buyer’s attention. Your listing gets a competitive edge and has a greater chance to sell quickly thanks to our dedicated Pro Listing Package

Explore Features

Weekly Traffic Report

• Track Key Analytics.
• See the number of times your property site has been viewed and from what referring sites.
• Identify what marketing channels are working for you.
• Automatically keep Sellers up to date on your marketing efforts.
• Printable – Great for Listing Presentations.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed” – Dan Zarrella

Top Referring

Easily post to social media with these customizable graphics

Creating graphics and post for social media can be time consuming and very frustrating. Our software allows you to easily share your listing and brand with customizable graphics made from the photos from your real estate photography shoot.

Features include:


Sized and ready to post

Customize online and download immediately
Easily Change Photos
Change Wording
Download and post

Text/Call For Info Included,


Consumers demand information on the go. With our Text/Call option, we can send potential buyers your branded single property site loaded with information, and more importantly, your contact information! Our advanced technology also captures this lead data enabling you to contact a potential buyer in real time!

See It In Action
Text 12345 to 480-573-7331
or Call and Enter 12345

App Icons

Following up has never been easier

with Notification Links!

Send these links via email to potential buyers. When they click on the link you will receive a text notification letting you know that they have viewed your branded property site, making it even easier and quicker to follow up with them.

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Pro Listing Package YouTube & Vimeo Automation

Keep your YouTube & Vimeo channel up to date with all of your listings automatically. Connect your YouTube & Vimeo channel and when your site goes live your branded site video will be automatically published to your channel. Making things even easier Vimeo videos are even updated when information on the listing changes.
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Social Media Teaser Videos

have never been easier

These videos are ready the minute your Listing Site goes live! With the online customizer you can easily change out what pictures or information is displayed creating endless marketing videos for you and your brand.

Quickly share with one click sharing from your listing dashboard
*Savings will be reflected at time of ordering. Discount does not apply to Matterport / 3D Tours, Not all services are available in all areas.

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