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Frequently Asked Questions:


Can my Matterport be added to the MLS?

Yes, all Matterport tours are MLS compatible.

Can you edit the Matterport model?

No. Properties are scanned as is. If there ends up being people, animals, or items in the scan they cannot be removed or edited out of the scan.

How long does it take to scan a home with Matterport?

Most residential homes up to 3000 sq ft can be done in about 30 to 50 minutes.

Virtual Staging

Am I able to use my virtually staged images anywhere?

Yes, all images can be used while marketing the listing until it is sold or expires.

Can I pick the items I want staged in each room?

Yes, your input on the items and genre of furniture is welcomed.

Do I have to disclose my images are virtually staged?

Its highly recommended that you let others know.

Pro Listing Package

Can I change the wording or colors on my flyers or social media graphics?

By creating your own custom flyers and social media graphics you can change images, phone numbers content and more. Simply download and post.

Can I edit my flyers online?

Yes, all flyers can be customized online and downloaded immediately.

Can I put my open house dates and times on my Single Property Site?

Yes Open House dates and times can be added to your site.


Can you remove items from the exterior of a home?

Generally, yes but it is all determined on the layout of the area of where the item is to be removed.

How many existing items can you remove from a room?

The sky is the limit if you want it gone, we can do it! However, there may be limitations as far as what’s in the room and how the room is laid out that will determine if it can be done or not.

What can’t you declutter from an image?

There could be some limitations based on the item and the layout of the room or area but generally we can remove almost anything. However, there is no guarantee that all items can be removed.


Are you able to travel to photograph an order?

Depending on the area of the photoshoot. There may be additional trip charges involved.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Yes. You may cancel your shoot up to 24 business hours before your scheduled shoot time. No refunds are given, a credit for the amount will be applied to your account. If you cancel with less than 24 business hours’ notice no refunds or credits will be given. Appointment date / time change with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a $50 reschedule fee. If an appointment is cancelled after a date / time change, the fee is still due, and no credits or refunds will be given for the reschedule fee.

Can you photoshop?

Yes, basic color correction and verticals. There may be additional charges for anything outside of these basic corrections, but please make sure the home is ready to be photographed before we arrive.

Virtual Tour Slideshow

Can I add additional images to my virtual tour slideshow?

We do not add additional images to the virtual tours that are not taken by our photographers. We do this due to copyright law and the images must be of certain quality. If the images are not post processed correctly then the images appear pixelated and distorted in the tour. If there is something that you want to make sure is included in the tour just let us know when you are booking your appointment and the photographer will make sure that take a picture of it. The benefit of this is that you have a high quality, consistent marketing piece for your real estate listing.

Can my virtual tour slideshow be added to MLS?

Yes, the non-branded version can be added to MLS. Add the Non-Branded Link to MLS prior to making your listing live.

How can I manage my virtual tour slideshow?

Log into your virtual tour manager and manage your virtual tours.

Visit manage.listingmarketingpros.com
Enter Your Email Address and Password

Aerial/Drone Images

Are you compliant with the FAA for drone work?

All our equipment is routinely maintained, pilots are FAA Licensed.

Can you capture the entire property in one photo?

Yes, since we can fly to a maximum height of 400 ft just one aerial photograph can capture the entire home, front yard, back yard, and surrounding area. Aerial angles can also be used to help show buyers otherwise inaccessible features of a property, such as solar panels, new gutters, or a renovated roof.

Can you fly near airports or military bases?

Depends, some airports we receive instant approval others we can submit for authorization to fly and await approval.

Twilight Images

Does it matter what direction the home faces?

Regardless of the direction of a home, it can benefit from being captured during twilight.

How long does twilight last?

Typically, 15- 20 minutes.

How much does a twilight photoshoot cost?

Twilight images start at $125 depending on the package you choose. Additional discounts are given when ordering our pro listing packages.

Full Motion Video

Can my video be used in MLS?

Yes, any non-branded video can be added to MLS.

Can you film exterior as well as interior?

Both exterior and interior can be filmed.

Do I get a copy of my video?

Yes, you can download the branded video to use on social media or wherever you want.

Real Estate Photography

Can I give or sell the images you take to another agent or 3rd party for them to use?

No. We retain the full copyright to all images that are taken. We grant a non-transferable license to the original purchaser. This license allows the original purchaser to use the image for marketing the listing until the listing is sold or expires. If an agent loses a listing to another agent, the images may not be resold by the original agent to the new agent. The new agent would have to contact us to obtain their own license to use the images. Images may not be given to 3rd parties such as stagers, renovation companies etc. These 3rd parties would need to contact us to obtain their own license for the images.

Can I resell the images?

No, images may not be resold by the original agent to a new agent. The new agent would have to contact us to obtain their own license to use the images.

Can the sellers be home during the photography session?

Absolutely. It’s your seller’s home, so they are free to hang out while we are doing photography. However, we can produce better photos during the limited time we are on the property when distractions are minimal. Whether you or the seller are on-site, it would be great if you ensure all staging and cleaning is done before the appointment. Also, please keep all children and pets away from equipment during the appointment.