Cleaning your Grill

Cleaning your grill. Nothing says summer quite like throwing some food on the grill and enjoying a relaxing afternoon with family and friends. But once your guests are gone, you still have to clean up — and that’s where the not-so-fun task of scrubbing the grill typically comes in. Cooking with a dirty BBQ isn’t just nasty, it’s downright dangerous. Built-up grease and food bits are a reason for flare-ups (or a full-fledged fires). Beyond that, grimy grilling surfaces give your food an unpleasant taste and get in the way of those lovely sear marks.

Good news you can save yourself some elbow grease by cleaning your grill right after the cooking is over. All you’ll need is an onion.

It may not be as effective as scrubbing, but it certainly creates a wonderful smell.

Of course, performing a full cleaning every few months is the best way to enjoy a grill that’s spic and span. A little elbow grease goes a long way.  As for in between cleanings give this tip a try.

Step 1: Grab an onion.

Be sure to use one that’s uncooked. Any large variety — white, yellow or red — should work.

Step 2: Cut the onion in half in any direction.

You should only need half an onion to tackle this project.

Step 3: Stick a barbecue fork into the onion, with the flat side of the onion facing down.

Safety first! Use utensils, because you’ll be cleaning a still-warm grill. Make sure the onion is at the tip of the fork.

Step 4: Scrub the onion in a back-and-forth motion over the warm grill grates.

Scrub with the cut side of the onion face-down.The onion loosens built-up grime and removes it from the grate. (And, if you’re a fan, there’s the added bonus of the lingering smell of cooked onions!)

If you don’t have time to clean the grate right after cooking, you can always warm the grates back up and scrub them later.