Why would buyers agents love bad listing photos??

I know what you’re thinking, why would buyer’s agents love bad listing photos? Wouldn’t a buyer’s agent want their client to be able to see great pictures of a home? Of course, you want your buyers to be able to get the best possible information about potential properties. Professional photography and videos help customers save time by researching homes before they take the time to view them. So why would that dark picture of the toilet be appealing to the buyer’s agent? Because it tells a very important story. It shows that the listing agent and seller really don’t care.

Gone are the days when only luxury homes had professional photography and video. Over the last few years, the real estate industry has come to realize the value of professional photography in attracting buyers. Good listing agents know that they have to present the property in the best possible way. This is just one aspect in deciding to see a home, but it also shows that the seller cares about their home, and most likely they took care of it.

Bad Listing photos shot on a cell phone with dark or over-exposed pictures or shots of messy kitchens and bedrooms lets the buyer’s agent know that the listing agent just didn’t care that much. They wanted to get some pictures online and are just hoping for an offer. They don’t want to put the time or effort into getting quality offers, they just want an offer.

The fact that they don’t value their clients enough to do that should make you believe that they are not going to represent their sellers to the best of their ability when it comes down to negotiations either. They just want to sell the home, get their commission and move on. It also makes you wonder if the seller cares either. Most sellers will usually check their listing for accuracy and to see how their home is being advertised. Terrible pictures should alert caring sellers that they have not hired the right agent.

Photos taken by an iPhone or photos taken professionally says a lot about a home, the seller and the listing agent. Quality, professional photography and video creates a sense of elegance even in the most run of the mill homes. Professional photographers know how to capture a room to show off its best qualities such as great natural light or deep brown hardwood floors. They create a feeling for the viewer which invites the potential buyer to fall in love with the home and want to schedule a visit. Professional listing agents understand that marketing the home is just as important as negotiating a price. Listings with poor quality pictures are just announcing to the buyer, we just don’t care that much so go ahead and give us a lowball offer.