Drone PhotographyDrone Photography in Real Estate

In the photography world, there have been numerous significant advances over the years.  From black and white to color, to different sizes, formats, and of course digital photography. The photography industry has become vastly different than it was ten years ago.  Nowhere is this more evident than with drone photography.

Prior to this new technology, the only way to get high quality, proper aerial photography was to rent out a helicopter or small plane for the day. This was both costly and time-consuming. Aerial Photography for Real Estate simply put, was just way too expensive and burdensome. Enter the drone.

The Real Estate and the Photography industry are incredibly similar.  Agents and brokers are constantly selling themselves and their services, continually looking for new clients, regularly looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition, much the same way photographers are always searching out new clients, putting together new marketing projects, and continually selling their services. In the commercial real estate market, drone photography has become a simple and affordable way to capture images of almost any property.

One of the most distinct ways for a Real Estate Broker or Agent to do just that is to introduce high-quality photography, with the addition of drone photography, into their listings. The drone has become a simple and efficient manner to quickly capture images that set an agent’s listing apart from their competition.

The drone image is a very effective way to capture an overhead image of a piece of property, showcasing the grounds, and giving a clear image of the roof, a part of the property which normally was only seen by inspectors. Although the FAA has introduced several regulations on the drone industry and introduced licensing requirements, there seems to be no slowing down of drone photography.  Drones have cemented their place in the Real Estate market