Real Estate Aerial Photographer, Why hire a licensed pilot?

Real estate agents have been implementing a variety of new methods for selling properties in the wake of technological advances. A growing number of real estate agents have employed aerial photographers who use drones in order to capture a bird’s eye view of the property. Aerial shots of the property are incredibly useful because they give buyers a look at the surrounding area in addition to the home, so they know what to expect from the neighborhood and whether they will have any beautiful scenery to enjoy from their front porch.

However, the use of aerial photography has potential risks. The drone itself could become damaged, as could the camera. The drone could crash into a person or an animal. It could crash and damage someone else’s property. With this in mind, it is essential that real estate agents hire licensed real estate aerial photographers. Hiring an unlicensed real estate aerial photographer could pose enormous risks and leave those involved facing hefty fines just for operating without a license and damaging property, with those employing unlicensed real estate aerial photographers facing a much higher fine than the pilot himself. If someone was injured, the ramifications could be much greater.

Additionally, a licensed real estate real estate aerial photographer will be familiar with any rules regarding the integration of drones for commercial use. Some areas strictly forbid such commercial use, while other areas require the pilot to obtain written permission. A licensed real estate aerial photographer would also be knowledgeable in terms of potential risks. He or she will have adequate insurance in preparation for any damages or injuries, as well as a plan for how to prevent such accidents and how to deal with those which are unavoidable. While an unlicensed real estate aerial photographer may seem like an attractive option because they are easier to locate and much more affordable, the potential risks far outweigh any temporary savings.


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