Matterport Virtual Reality for real estate listings and, Whats New!

As we see more and more commercials advertising virtual realty googles from Samsung and other companies, we have to wonder how close is Virtual Reality to becoming a must use in the Real Estate market.  Listing Marketing Pros has looked at several different platforms and has chosen the matterport system to bring not only Virtual Reality for real estate listings, but also an interactive way for potential buyers to view a 3D floor plan and tour the interior of the property as well.  Now why do we think that this specific technology is going to play a big part in the future of marketing homes, because we have just noticed that some of the big players in real estate listing are starting to promote it. & Matterport?

Is there something going on between & Matterport?  Is the way agents are going to have to market homes going to be more interactive (Virtual Realty)? We are not for sure yet.  However it looks like’s mobile app is now showing a View 3D Tour badge with the Matterport logo, one thing we do know is that we were not able to locate the same badge when viewing a listing on a mobile browser or desktop version.  So the questions that remain are:


Is this something that is just on the mobile app and is one of the beginning stages of bringing virtual realty to listings?

  • Is it a paid feature or free feature?
  • Will they be adding this to the desktop and mobile browsers versions as well?
  • Are other companies such as Zillow and Truila going to be following?
  • While we try to find out the answers to these questions, if you aren’t using a matterport tour on your listing you may want to start thinking about it.

What is a Matterport tour?

If you aren’t familiar with the Matterport 3D tour, here is the quick run down.  Listing Marketing Pros sends a trained photographer out to the property with a special camera that scans the property.  Once the property has been scanned, it gets processed and creates a 3D interactive floor plan of the property.  All floor plans come with a branded version and non-branded (MLS Compliant) version. These floor plans allow potential buyers to see a dollhouse version of the property, as well as to zoom in and actually walk the interior of the home.

Take a look at what a Matterport 3D tour looks like click here or take the tour below. Click Here to get maximum exposure!