Zillow has started a new program for Professional Real Estate Photographers and as they begin moving forward they wanted to ensure that they provide value to the photographers that are part of that program.  Zillow has decided to create an advisory board of professional photographers who can help play an influential role in shaping the path of the Zillow Certified Photographer program.

We are honored and very excited to announce that Zillow has selected local real estate photography company Listing Marketing Pros as one of a small number of photography companies nationwide to be on the Zillow Photography Advisory Board.

As a member of the Zillow Photography Advisory Board we will be talking with and providing valuable feedback to Zillow on new tools that they will be offering to real estate photography companies and agents nationwide.

The first new tool that we got involved with was the Zillow video walkthrough and  the feedback we have gotten from the agents is that they love them and it has increased the amount of views that their listing has received on Zillow.

How much of an increase are agents seeing?  Up to 2x more traffic than a listing without video? 

How are they getting results like this?

This is how!  They had a Zillow Certified Photographer from Listing Marketing Pros photograph the home and do a 2 minute silent video that is attached to the listing in Zillow.  When buyers are searching Zillow, the listings with videos attached to them are pushed to the top of the search. Once a potential buyer clicks on the listing the video is the first thing that they see. Videos are also prominently featured on Trulia.

Talk about a great tool to help win your next listing appointment!  Let your seller know that you are going to have their home professionally photographed and a video done that will help put them in the top searches in Zillow.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment!