What does a red door on a home mean?

Have you ever seen a red door on a home?  If you have there just might be a reason behind that door!

A safe place to stay
If it was the days of the horse and carriage, a home with a red door was a safe place to stay for travelers.

Underground Railroad
During the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, “safe homes” supposedly painted their doors red to help guide escaped slaves to a safe place.

There is a tradition from Scotland that when you pay off your mortgage you paint your door red.

As part of the New Year Celebration the Chinese paint their door red as they believe that red is a lucky color.

Even the brightest minds needed help with some things, Albert Einstein painted his door red to identify which home was his.

Attract Opportunities
According to Feng Shui bold colors invite positive energy and in order to attract opportunities and abundance to use the color red.

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