As a Realtor you can wear many hats, you can be a real estate photographer, property manager, marketer, web designer, etc.  What you need to evaluate is which hat will cost you money and which hat will make you money.  

Taking your own photos can cost you time and money.  Even though you may have that state of art camera (which came with a high price tag) and have taken time (which took you away from your real estate business) to learn how to use it, you may still be lacking the ability to use composition, apply the appropriate lighting and color to make the photo look professional and pleasing to the seller and buyer.

 We all think we can save money by doing something ourselves.  Using a professional real estate photographer costs approximately 0.09% of the median U.S. home price.  The cost would be less than $250 on a $6000 commission.  This is pennies when you consider the reward of looking professional to both your seller and future buyer.  This can also be used as a benefit when talking to a potential seller.

Using professional listing photos gives your seller the advantage.  When a buyer looks at homes online, they spend more time looking at those listings with professional photos.  It is like looking through a magazine—making the buyer dream.   Your listings can be enhanced as well with the new guidelines from the ARMLS.  Restrictions on how photos and media must relate to listed properties has been removed.  You can now include photos of area amenities such as the Surprise spring training ballpark in your listing photographs.

 A wise man once said “It only costs a little more to go first class.  However, the return on the investment far outweighs the cost.” 

The next time you think you can do the job of a professional real estate photographer, evaluate the time spent taking pictures and editing versus doing what you were hired to do—sell houses.

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