Real Estate Photography: Is Your Home on the Market? Follow these Fall 2014 Tips!

Booking a shoot with a professional photographer is a great first step when listing your home, but what else can you do to attract and impress your potential buyers? You need to enhance the space, set the scene, create flow, and make it livable. No matter how large your home is, whether a condo or a massive waterfront lot, you can spice it up and intrigue buyers by simply following basic rules for staging and weaving in some current and seasonal trends.

It’s fall- buyers want to walk into settings with more muted wall, carpet and furniture tones. Safe neutrals to invest in: camels, lighter grays, and beiges. Not only do these colors create an inviting feel, they open up your space, automatically increasing the perceived room size. Love color? No worries! Everyone loves a pop of color. Trending this season are vibrant greens and purples, hints of metallic and bold, colorful graphics. Don’t forget- there is a psychology to your colors: cooler colors like blue and green create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, neutrals are a blank slate- clean and crisp, warmer colors like red and orange create personality and excitement.

The colors that you choose for your home can improve the professional photos you have taken as well! Studies show that the camera loves a blank backdrop with a fun splash of color. The camera also adores colors that compliment each other- try deep purples with golden yellows, rich blue with subtle orange or bold greens paired with splashes of red. Another option, if your taste is not so eclectic, is multiple shades of the same color- dark green pillows matched with lighter green décor, such as lamp shades.

Let’s begin with curb appeal- as with all staging: de-clutter! Keep the leaves off the ground, dead weeds pulled up and grass looking green. You want tasteful, not tacky outdoor décor- no turkeys in the lawn or Santas on the porch. Keep it classy with a simple, yet fall-inspired wreath and an arrangement of pumpkins and gourds to welcome buyers into your home.

Buyers want the smell of apple cider, cinnamon cookies and pumpkin spice… whether they want to admit it or not! When preparing for a showing or an open house, get some festive candles burning to set the mood immediately. Keep it cozy, both with décor and temperature. Light. Fall days can be lacking in the sunshine department, so bring in the light. Do this by opening windows to let natural light in, and also by bringing in lamps to brighten any “dark” room or corner. No need to go overboard with fall decorations- a little goes a long way! Decorate your mantel or dining room table with beautiful vases and fall flowers (Sunflowers, Geraniums, Marigolds to name a few).

Remember- your home’s professional photos may be on the Internet for clients to view past the Fall months: only keep décor up for your shoot that will be timeless.

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