Nature and photography can come together in the most unusual places. Recently on a pleasure trip to Palm Springs, a most rewarding experience occurred. While walking along the pathway at the hotel, a faint chirping was heard. Looking around, a humming bird had fallen out of his nest and was sitting on the sidewalk, an easy target for a predator or for someone to accidentally step on him.

Seeing his predicament, there had to be a nest nearby. However, looking through the foliage, there was not one to be found. So, ever so cautiously the little fellow was scooped up and moved under a bush for protection. He is often thought about and wondering if he was safe.

Palm Springs is a great place to visit for not only photography but enjoyment. This is an excellent weekend trip from Metro Phoenix. It is only a 21/2-3 hour drive along I-10.

One of the most famous tourist stops near Palm Springs include the Aerial Tramway that goes into the Chino Canyon in the San Jacinto Mountains. Cable cars rotate slowing as ascending and descending the mountain providing a great opportunity to get natural photos. At the top you will be at an 8500 ft elevation giving spectacular views as far away as north Las Vegas. This is well worth the time and money. Also an added bonus as you are traveling along I-10 to the tramway, you will see the windmill corridor, a very unusual and unexpected bit of scenery along an interstate highway.

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