Realtor gives a reason to use real estate video in marketing properties.

While on the phone with a Realtor they were telling us how they used FaceTime on their Ipad for the first time the other day.  We asked what they used it for and they stated that they had a client that was out of town and wanted to view some properties, the client asked them to take their Ipad and connect to FaceTime, then walk through the properties.  While the Realtor was talking about using FaceTime they stated that they kept having problems with the connection.   He also had to do this for about an hour (guess that cell provider is seeing $$$ from data usage).

This buyer was looking for a true walk through of the property versus the traditional video created out of still images and put on YouTube.  They wanted to see and feel what it was like to walk through the property.   If your virtual tour or listing in MLS had a true video attached to it, it may have been included in a list of the properties sent to the buyer.   This could have saved the Realtor and buyer a lot of time as the links to the video could have been sent to the buyer and viewed at their convenience.

Wondering how to get a video tour of a property?  Contact Listing Marketing Pros today.  We offer full video tours along with complete virtual tours using state of the art technology.  Our virtual tour software offers a place to be able to add your video tour so that you have a one stop place for marketing your listings.  The Real Estate Videos that we produce are branded to the agent and have none of our company branding on them.

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