Today we are expanding our white-label support even further by adding the ability to attach custom domain names to our customers and their tours. This is a huge benefit for agents and brokers that are trying to unify their brand experience across all channels. Most tour providers just don’t have this capability.

Custom Customer Domains

You get three major benefits:

  1. Links for your tours will be generated off of the custom domain, like
  2. Visitors to will display a list of all tours linked to that domain
  3. There is a huge SEO benefit to this setup in that you will now have a bunch of relevant, exclusive, and rich content hosted on your own domain. For customers that care about SEO, this is really important.

MLS/IDX Compatibility

As you know, MLS systems do not allow any agent-specific contact information in the MLS, including in the URL of tour links. This can make custom domain names very complicated to deal with since you have multiple links depending on where the tour is being used.

Fortunately, we’ve found a way to eliminate any hassle with juggling domains. We use your information when generating the branded and unbranded links for tours, and we will automatically use a related MLS/IDX-compatible domain name for unbranded links.

– LMP Real Estate Photography

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